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Literally the center of the face, the impact of the nose cannot be understated. It plays an upmost importance in both appearance as well as comfortable daily living via it’s effect on breathing. Due to this critical role, and the complexity involved in nasal surgery, aesthetic rhinoplasty has been described as the most difficult of all plastic surgery procedures by many well known and accomplished surgeons.

I became enamored with the challenge presented by this fascinatingly beautiful and complex structure. Unlike surgeons who spend significant time on plastic surgery of the body or aging face, I have dedicated my professional career to the quest for mastery of this particular surgery.



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Types of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Specialist


Functional Rhinoplasty is aimed towards patients where the structure of the nose and septum interfere with nasal breathing. Correcting these issues also involves improving the cosmetic appearance of the nose, particularly in the case of a crooked nose.


Cosmetic Rhinoplasty is for patients whose primary focus is cosmetic improvement in the shape of their nose. Of course, truly knowledgeable facial plastic surgeons also ensure that the breathing is not sacrificed in the process.


Revision Rhinoplasty is geared towards patients who have had previous rhinoplasty. The complexity of this surgery, given potential scarring and lack of cartilage, is significantly higher than a primary case.

General Information

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How to choose a Rhinoplasty surgeon?

When comparing Miami rhinoplasty specialists, be sure to consider seeing a facial plastic surgery specialist, ideally focusing solely or mostly on noses. Too often, patients have had surgery on their nose where their breathing problems either don’t improve after surgery or worse off become even more problematic. This is the main importance of having an Otolaryngology (ENT) background, where a vast experience working inside the nose and correcting non-cosmetic breathing issues is gained. Even a good looking Rhinoplasty result will be unsatisfactory without being able to properly breath through the nose. Thus at the same time as changing the shape of the nose, the internal structure of the nose can also be maximized for optimal nasal breathing.

Can a certain look be achieved?

My goal 100% of the time is to make the patient happy with their nose, so I try to customize the result based on their desires. During the cosmetic evaluation, I use photoshop morphing software to be able to show a reasonable simulation of the predicted outcome. Patients often bring photos of other noses they like, which can be helpful for me to learn what type of aesthetic you find most attractive. I will, of course, explain what can / cannot be achieved as well as offer my suggestions based on years of analysis of facial beauty and harmony. Rhinoplasty is a somewhat unpredictable process which I attempt to make as predictable as possible. While noone can guarantee a specific result, if a patient has specific concerns about their nose, I can focus on those primarily and usually we can find a shared vision that can be accomplished with surgery.

How is the surgery performed?

Dr. Murray does patient consultations at any of of his five Rhinoplasty locations. All of Dr. Murray’s rhinoplasty surgeries are performed in a fully accredited Ambulatory Surgery Center. The procedures are done strictly under general anesthesia with full time, licensed MD Anesthesiologists. This is because of his belief that a secure airway is the absolute safest way to perform this procedure. Surgery time can vary anywhere from 3-6 hours. The time of the surgery is not indicative of anything necessarily and Dr. Murray is a perfectionist. There are many types of Rhinoplasty maneuvers depending on what a patient needs and he will take as long as time as is needed until he is happy with the result.

Patients will go home the same day and should ideally have someone around the first night to assist them if needed. Dr. Murray typically performs open rhinoplasty, so you will have sutures on the underside of the nose on the columella and a cast on the bridge. He does NOT pack the nose, but instead uses soft plastic splints with holes in them to allow for as much nasal breathing as possible during the early recovery stages.

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