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Cosmetic Rhinoplasty – Patients whose primary focus is cosmetic improvement in the shape of their nose. Of course, truly skilled and knowledgeable facial plastic surgeons also ensure that the breathing is not sacrificed in the process.

The nose is the center of the face. As such, it has a dramatic effect on one’s cosmetic appearance. Even sometimes subtle changes to the nasal shape can remove attention from the nose and direct observers towards the natural beauty of the eyes or the lips.

Indeed for some patients, changing the shape of the nose can have a life altering effect.

For example, take this 54 year old female who has always been uphappy with her nose and the way it looked. After cosmetic nasal surgery performed by Dr. Murray, her entire appearance has dramatically changed, and she is extremely pleased with the results.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Miami Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Miami Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Miami Cosmetic Rhinoplasty Miami

Dr. Kim Patrick Murray has dedicated his career to these types of problems. His training, previous patient testimonials, as well as the before and after pictures in our gallery are a testament to this fact. Dr. Murray performs thorough clinical evaluations of your nose and nasal breathing issues as well as comprehensive aesthetic analysis of the external appearance. Part of this includes specialized “morphing” software using preoperative photograph to give you an idea of what your nose will look like after the surgery.

Cosmetic Rhinoplasty (nose job) refers to surgery that is performed to have the nose reshaped. This type of cosmetic surgery can result to either larger or smaller nose, make alteration to your nose tip, change the nose angle relating to the upper lip or correct indentation, bumps or other nose defects. During cosmetic nose job, it good to know that cosmetic nose job surgeon makes the incision to access the cartilage and bones which support the nose. Some cartilage and bone may be extracted or there may be addition of tissue mainly depending on the desired outcome. After the cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeon has made rearrangement and reshaped the cartilage and bone, the tissue and skin is re-draped over the nose structure.

Preparing for your cosmetic Rhinoplasty at a plastic surgery clinic may include a medical evaluation or lab testing, taking pictures of your nose to allow for the computer image to demonstrate the possible post-operative outcomes, taking certain medications or considering to adjust your current medication, stopping smoking prior to surgery and avoiding taking anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal supplements and aspirin because of increased risk of bleeding. It is important to know that the best candidates for cosmetic nose job include individuals with complete facial growth, physically healthy individuals, and persons with a positive outlook and specific but realistic goals in mind for the improvement of their appearance

In case you are in need of pain relief when recovering from the cosmetic Rhinoplasty procedure, you may consider taking over the counter pain killers like ibuprofen or paracetamol. Since the general anesthesia involved in cosmetic rhinoplasty affects your reasoning and co-ordination skills, it is essential that you avoid drinking alcohol, driving, signing legal documents or operating machinery for twenty four hours afterwards. There are certain basic things that you can do to assist speed up your cosmetic nose job recovery. For instance, do not remove any crust in your nose till you see your cosmetic rhinoplasty surgeon to have the splints removed. You should also avoid blowing your nose for at least five weeks. In addition to that, it is vital you always stay away from smoky or dusty places till your nose has fully recovered. Furthermore, avoid doing any strenuous exercises or contact sports like football or rugby for at least five weeks.

After the cosmetic rhinoplasty procedure, you can always anticipate temporary bruising and swelling around the nose and eyes. The other issues which may be experienced include bleeding, holes or injury to your septum, skin problems which include irritation from tape and bandaging and skin issue breakdown. There is also the serious nasal blockage that result from swelling within the nose, anesthesia complications and infection risk which can be reduced by giving preventive antibiotics after the surgery. It is very important that you always consider setting up an appointment with you surgeon to discuss about it in case you are thinking about getting a cosmetic nose job. When you meet the surgeon, let him or her know your goals and your dislike about your nose and how you want it to be changed.



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