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Functional Rhinoplasty refers to techniques which improve the function of the nose, specifically improvements in nasal breathing. These manuevers can can consist of: 

1. Septoplasty

2. Inferior Turbinate Reduction

3. Weak or Collapsed Valve Repair

All of these techniques can be performed without a Rhinoplasty type approach as well, if you are not trying to change the shape of your nose. Some of them can even be accomplished in the office under local. Please see our general ENT / Otolaryngology site for more info.

If you are indeed looking to change the shape of your nose as well as improve your breathing, I will perform all of the above as necessary to optimize the breathing aspect.

Please note that even purely cosmetic cases still often require these manuevers to optimize and prevent future issues from developing. I essentially perform the same surgery either way. Essentially, in my practice adding a “functional” description to the surgery only changes the payment details of the surgery.

For more details, please see the Cosmetic Rhinoplasty section. There are many before and after photos and detailed descriptions of aesthetic concepts.



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