“I always had some issues breathing, so after some time I decided to visit a doctor. After doing some research I decided to go with Dr. Murray. After my initial diagnosis, deviated septum and and the turbinates too large, I was offered two options by the doctor, a treatment based on pills, drops or surgery. It was well explained to me both options and I decided to go with surgery and at the same time, a rhinoplasty to fix a little bit of my nose. In less than a month, mission accomplished and now after two weeks I can say surgery was the best decision. The first day after the surgery (which it took five hours, let’s just say Dr. Murray likes to to a perfect job) I am happy to say I did not bleed, just a few drops and I did not feel pain at all, I did not have to take any of the prescribed pain killers pills. I had an outstanding out come from surgery. On the second day, no bleeding at all and no pain, just a stuffy nose which it can be expected and I was advised it was going to happen, and no bruises at all. The fact I did not bleed, no pain and no bruises, it tells me the very good job Dr. Murray did, I couldn’t be happier with his work. Two weeks later, today, I can barely see the incision in my nose. If there is anyone out there, thinking to do any of the three procedures done on me (rhinoplasty / septoplasty / turbinate reduction), I highly recommend Dr. Murray, he is a very talented doctor.”

five-star28 Years Old Male РOpen Septorhinoplasty, Turbinate Reduction 

” Dr. Murray was beyond excellent. Going into the procedure I was scared and nerveous but he managed to keep me calm assuring me everything was going to be ok. The consultations leading up to the procedure were great. He understood what I wanted and gave his input on what he thought would be best keeping in mind my needs. The procedure went well and he was always available if I had any questions regarding anything afterwards. The follow up visits were also very good. He was patient and careful in everything he did. I highly recommend Dr.Murray as he is an excellent surgeon. I am in love with my new nose.”

five-star23 Year Old Female – Open Septorhinoplasty

“I had been doing MMA since I was 20 and broke my nose at least 2 times by the time I was 23. I always resisted surgery due to the fact that I didn’t want to step away from the sport during recovery and the bridge of my nose was so calcified that it felt unbreakable (which is an advantage in boxing). I had a hump on the right side of my nose because of it but the worse part was the countless nights of being unable to sleep due to breathing constrictions. I visited around 10 different ENT’s in the Miami and New York area from 2009-2014 and backed out of every surgery until I met Dr. Murray.

He gave me multiple options on which direction we wanted to go in with the surgery. He suggested going for the septo/rhino procedure to correct every element but he understood that I did not want my face to look different so we agreed on just going with the septoplasty. This was also my first surgery so I didn’t want to go too crazy but after a couple more visits and calls with him, he made me realize that correcting everything in one shot was the best way to go. I never felt pressured and I will forever be thankful to him for advising me to go with the septo/rhino procedure as it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

I was in the same position you are in, reading reviews, watching youtube videos and trying to figure out what’s best. I am here to tell you that Dr. Murray was the doctor that I was most confident in out all the ones I had visited in the last 5 years. He has not only changed my life in terms of appearance as my nose isn’t the first thing people notice when they first meet me. But more importantly, he has changed my life heath wise as I don’t need to reload on chapstick from breathing out of my mouth constantly and I can finally get 8 hours of interrupted sleep. I’m the type of guy that stresses every detail and analyze every variable before getting myself into something as serious as this but like stated above I could not be happier with the results. My only regret is not meeting Dr. Murray in 2009 and getting this done as soon as the fracture happened. Recovery was a breeze and I was back at work bruise-free after 2 weeks. I could’ve went back earlier but I do a lot of walking and talking so I wanted to make sure I was fully healed. It’s been 9 months since the surgery and I feel like a champ, thanks Dr. Murray!”

five-star25 Year Old Male РOpen Septorhinoplasty РMiami, FL

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